the thunderous gods have risen to the puffy clouds and the rain has been pouring then stopping then pouring then stopping and now some crazy blue cows with three sperm propellers are coming after me

Why must Passover be so fuckin' long? I thought that's what Hanukkah was for. It just so happens that during Passover, the dining halls at school only serve "Passover friendly" food. This week, I've eaten Passover friendly meatloaf, Passover friendly lasagna, and Passover friendly eggplant parmesan, among other things, and with all due respect to the kosher diet, this Passover friendly food didn't exactly pass over friendly with my digestive tract.

Today, the guy next door asked me, "Are you a babe shopper?" Hold up. What the fuck is a "babe shopper"? And who the fuck uses the term "babe shopper" besides the loser that is my neighbor?

Is it just me, or does that new Tom Green flick Freddy Got Fingered look like the worst movie ever made? I don't understand why my good buddy Anthony Michael Hall would agree to be in this movie. The print ads for Fingered have "babe shopper" written all over 'em, with Green in some strange Canadian pose and the caption "this time you can't change the channel." Yeah, this time we can't change the channel, but we can go see something else, something actually worth $8, like Joe Dirt.

All 22 originally-booked Wrestlepalooza matches have been announced. Don't know what Wrestlepalooza is? Refer to the April 9, 2001 post in the archive. I added a match at the request of Marianne Madden and will try to accommodate everybody else who wants a match too. Now, if you people could just clog my inbox with feedback at, it'd be great. I'll post everything I get. I swear.

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