Date Archives April 2001

Sophtware Slump

This weekend, I unexpectedly received e-mail from two people (who shall remain nameless) that explicitly drew attention to my crippling lack of intelligence. All right…you got me. I'm stupid. Why do think I'm considering English for a major? My geography, math, and yearbook skills have…

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Fat Lip

If I could sue everybody who's ever called me a "fucking retard" for defamation of character, I'd be a fucking rich "fucking retard." Elizabeth is a psychology major. Eric is a film and/or English major. Jose is a journalism major. Sarah is a biology major….

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the thunderous gods have risen to the puffy clouds and the rain has been pouring then stopping then pouring then stopping and now some crazy blue cows with three sperm propellers are coming after me

Why must Passover be so fuckin' long? I thought that's what Hanukkah was for. It just so happens that during Passover, the dining halls at school only serve "Passover friendly" food. This week, I've eaten Passover friendly meatloaf, Passover friendly lasagna, and Passover friendly eggplant…

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