The Decline of Western Civilization

"a series devoted to icons of american culture"

Till now, a bathtub full of gelatinous cherry goodness required both patience and hella Jell-O. Enter JellyBath: Just add hot water and transform an ordinary bathtub into a womblike experience, placenta and all. Offering the unique opportunity to reenact Keanu's goopy "rebirth" scene from The Matrix as often as you wish.

Sue Ismiel was desperate to find a product that would remove, as painlessly as possible, the thick dark hair covering the arms and legs of her six-year-old daughter Natalie. Sue says she could see "in Natalie's eyes" how much the excess body hair distressed the pretty girl. Determined to find something that was both safe and effective, the former medical records officer headed for the kitchen cupboard and began blending various natural potions. She started with basic ingredients like sugar and molasses and ended up with Nad's – a completely natural, water-soluble product that looks like green toffee and can be used anywhere on the body. Unlike other waxes and gels, Nad's does not need to be heated. You just smooth on the gel and remove it with linen strips.

Buggy Balls
This has to be the funniest novelty item you can attach to a vehicle yet! It looks like a big set of testicles dangling from the back of your car or truck! They're flesh colored, over 8" long, 5" wide, and weigh almost a pound! Attach them using a hinge so they swing back and forth when you stop or go. Great reactions from people driving behind you, or when parked in a parking lot!

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